ChiaraMail for Business

Reduce e-mail fraud and ensure message privacy increasing customer trust, satisfaction and revenue.

Protect Your Customers and Your Company

ChiaraMail Corp. offers the only technology to protect all of your customers from people posing as your business and becoming victims of e-mail address spoofing. Your reputation is damaged each time they have a bad experience associated with your brand. Increase trust, response and revenue by providing them with a easy way to know if it is truly you sending them an e-mail. Take back control of your e-mail and your reputation.

Create a Direct Connection

E-mail is the most efficient and productive digital medium to communicate with your customers. Eliminate portals, complicated encryption and other methods that create a barrier between you and your customer. By using ChiaraMail technology you will be able to add personal information to the e-mail so that the recipient has everything they need make a decision. Create more efficient communications, get more responses to your offers and have happier customers.

Your Data, Your Rules.

Your e-mail communications to and from your customers, partners and suppliers are confidential and is your  property to protect. ChiaraMail for Business, offers enterprises the ability to setup their own on-premise private content servers. All of the message content is stored on your private server in-house and never travels through the public mail network or file sharing servers.

As the owner of the private content server, you control how it operates, with numerous options available including ECS protection default settings, content quota limits, alert messages, branding etc.

It integrates with your existing infrastructure and we work with your IT, operations and marketing departments to ensure your e-mail protection and privacy works the way you want it to.

Smaller businesses can take advantage of the public content server, maintained by ChiaraMail or a hosted private server offering.

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The financial services sector is based on security and trust. Protecting your customers from identity theft and attacks on their privacy are a priority to reduce losses, retain loyalty and increase their lifetime value to your firm. ChiaraMail offers a new approach to e-mail security that eliminates spoofing without the need for encryption and brings a new level of in-transit protection keeping private messages, private with your customers, employees, partners and vendors.

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Eliminate cumbersome portals, passwords and incompatible systems and create a better patient, doctor and vendor experience while ensuring the highest level of privacy. With ChiaraMail you can provide a direct and secure e-mail connection between doctors and their patients and between healthcare providers. In addition, files of virtually unlimited size including x-ray and MRI images can be shared with your healthcare partners and patients via e-mail without burdening their in-boxes or your network

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For years retail businesses has been using e-mail to send in-store and online offers to their customers. Unfortunately spoofing has cast a shadow over these efforts and consumers are becoming increasingly hesitant to click on retailer e-mails for fear of identity theft or viruses. Create a trusted connection with your consumers and prospects using ChiaraMail. Protect them from spoofing, give them personalized offers, detailed account updates and more.

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