Bring your e-mail into the 21st century

Envelope-Content Splitting® (ECS) technology from ChiaraMail offers many advantages over traditional e-mail, including complete protection against e-mail address spoofing, an unprecedented level of e-mail privacy and security, a new level of control of your mail, the ability to send attachments of practically unlimited size, significant mail resource savings and overall increased operating efficiency of your network.


No Spoofing

Protect yourself against thieves that masquerade via e-mail as someone you trust (called e-mail spoofing). You need to protect yourself by knowing for sure that the company or person that sent you an e-mail is really who they say they are.

ChiaraMail’s patented Envelope-Content Splitting® (ECS) technology eliminates spoofing using a robust authentication scheme. When you click on an e-mail, if the ECS enabled sender is who it claims to be, the subject line will appear in green and the content will be displayed; if not, an error popup will be displayed and the sender’s payload is prevented from being delivered.

Complete Privacy

You also need to keep your information private. It has been well publicized that thieves, e-mail providers and the government have access to your e-mails in the public network. Your communications, especially with businesses that handle sensitive information, need to be secured.

ChiaraMail’s ECS technology splits the e-mail header or “envelope” from the message content, storing the content in a private server that’s separate from the mail network.  (see How It Works for details). Thus, mail intermediaries have no access to the message content while in transit.

To ensure end point security, users may choose to encrypt their content using AES 256-bit encryption before their is delivered to the content server. It’s as easy as selecting a check box.


Change after sending

Ever hit the Send button and realize you made a mistake? Hit Reply All when you didn’t mean to? If only you could change the e-mail you just sent! With ChiaraMail technology you can, because you, the sender, now have complete control of your mail.  To change a message, you simply select the message in your Sent Mail folder, edit it as you wish and press the Update Content button. The content will be updated immediately and your recipients will see your changes the next time they select the message.

Remove size limits

E-mail providers limit the size of the mail and attachments to 10-30MB (typically). With ChiaraMail technology, there are no size limits even with your current mail provider. You can send an e-mail of virtually unlimited* size so no need for third party file transfer or sharing applications anymore. Simply use your e-mail application. And because the actual content is stored on a server, it doesn’t occupy space in your recipients’ inbox or yours. There is only a 316-byte “canned” message in the mailboxes.

Self-destruct mode*

[*Android Only]
With the ChiaraMail for Android mail client, you can set a “self-destruct” timer that deletes e-mail content, including text and inline images and videos, as well as multiple attachments, sent by you between 1-10 seconds after the user has begun reading it. Think of it as like SnapChat® on steroids!

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Install in minutes

ChiaraMail technology is available free as an e-mail client for Android. Easy to download, install and use within a few minutes. If you require help through the installation process you can find detailed instructions here.

No passwords

Other e-mail security solutions require users to remember and enter passwords each time they open the application. This is annoying and sometimes causes people to choose easy-to-remember, but insecure passwords. Not so with ChiaraMail. The password is only needed once during installation and even that is automatic for most e-mail clients.

No encryption

Most e-mail security solutions use complicated encryption schemes that require technical knowledge to use properly. This results in frustration and an extra load on support resources. ChiaraMail does not require encryption to protect in-transit privacy. If you wish the option of encrypting the stored content, ChiaraMail does it with one click and no complicated public key exchange procedures.


With Envelope-Content Splitting technology, only the header (or envelope) and a small default message are sent through the public mail network, ensuring e-mail privacy while in-transit and only using about 300 bytes in your recipients’ in-boxes, regardless of the actual content size. Attachments only add another 300 bytes each. Mail throughput is much faster, since the transport system (SMTP server and other mail intermediaries) doesn’t have to carry the content along to the message destinations. And with only one copy of the content residing on the content server and displayed on demand to the recipients, mail resource requirements are drastically reduced for internal communications and for your customers.