Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the ChiaraMail security solution better than solutions relying solely on encryption?

In this age of back-door vulnerabilities, we recognize that encryption is not enough. ChiaraMail’s unique and robust Envelope-Content Splitting (ECS) architecture delivers complete and foolproof end-to-end e-mail security that goes far beyond encryption.
ChiaraMail’s secure architecture employs a multi-level solution:

  • None of your message content (body and attachments) is exposed to the internet e-mail network. Your content is securely routed to a content server, inaccessible to eavesdropping and tampering by those intent on profiting from your communication.
  • Your original content is automatically encrypted at the source using Advanced Encryption Standard 256-bit, a symmetric key encryption methodology widely recognized as one of the strongest in the world.
  • Once encrypted, your content is securely delivered to a content server using Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), the same secure protocol used by financial institutions and e-commerce sites.
  • On the content server your message is protected in several additional ways. ChiaraMail authenticates all requests to the content server. Access to content requires both a ChiaraMail-registered e-mail address and an associated content server password. These are set at registration time for each email account, and known only to the account owner. ChiaraMail content servers are run under Amazon Web Services (AWS), an operating environment known for its security, stability and scalability.

The ChiaraMail security solution is automatic and complete, yet simple, requiring no user decisions or input beyond establishing a ChiaraMail account.

Can the government order ChiaraMail to give them my stored e-mail content?

Yes. However since the message content is encrypted by default and only the sender and recipients have the key to decrypt the message, neither ChiaraMail nor the government would be able to decrypt and read the content stored on the content server without access to the original e-mail message.

Which platforms does ChiaraMail support?

ChiaraMail has released an ECS-enabled Android e-mail client, currently in Beta. An iOS product will be completed this year. Extensions for several popular browsers and e-mail clients are also planned.

Is ChiaraMail available in languages other than English?

Yes, ChiaraMail also supports French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Russian. Additional language support is planned.

What is the difference between ChiaraMail and ECS?

Envelope-Content Splitting (ECS) is the patented technology underlying all ChiaraMail products. It enables the unique features such as e-mail privacy, anti-spoofing protection and editing after sending. ChiaraMail Corp. is the name of the company that developed and productizes ECS. To distinguish between the technology and the products, to more strongly associate the products with the company, and to unify the brand, our product naming incorporates ChiaraMail.

Will I need to install anything to use ChiaraMail?

Yes, using ChiaraMail requires a locally installed e-mail client to communicate with the content server.

Is it required to use the ChiaraMail content server to secure my e-mail?

No, the ChiaraMail content server technology can be licensed and installed as a private content server, for example, within an enterprise.

What happens if I lose my content server password? Would I be unable to retrieve my old emails??

No. Unlike secure email solutions that rely on end-to-end encryption, if you lose your content server password, all you need to do is request another one. The new password will enable you to access all your ECS messages.