ChiaraMail offers ECS solutions for everyone, from consumers wishing to avoid being tricked into revealing their bank credentials or other sensitive information to thieves, to enterprises who demand on-site content management, protection of their customers and their brands from spoofers and highly responsive technical support.

Our ECS products are all free and available via download from the link at the top of this page. All e-mail addresses that are enabled for ECS are provided with 1 MB of free storage. This means that you may send as many ECS e-mail messages as you wish, but their total content size must be less than 1 MB. But don't worry: when that occurs, you have options:

  • Continue sending non-ECS mail
  • Reduce the size of some of your content files, either by changing them or deleting them altogether.
  • Purchase additional content storage for $5 per month for 5 GB of storage
And remember, only your ability to send ECS messages is affected by storage constraints; you can still continue receiving and reading ECS messages sent by others. In fact, in order to simply read ECS e-mails, such as those sent by your financial institution or insurance company, you don't need any ECS storage at all! For support options, please refer to our Support options page.    

INCLUDED FEATURES Personal FREE! 10 MB of Storage Business $5/mo. 5 GB of Storage Enterprise Contact Us Unlimited Storage
ECS Authentication (Anti-Spoofing)
ECS In-transit security
ECS Endpoint Security
Ephemeral messaging (self-destruct) Capability
Large Attachment Capability
Inline Video Capability
Mobile Plugins
Community Forums
Private Content Server
Enhanced Spoofing and Brand Protection
Unlimited In-House Users